Houston's Premier Boarding Facility

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Utilizing our behavioral expertise, we ensure the safest and most enriching stay for every dog.

Every room is climate controlled, we provide special attention such as addressing thunder phobia and separatoin anxiety, and we offer discounts when boarding more than one dog

  • Bunkhouse
  • Deluxe Bunkhouse
  • Private Cabin
  • VIP Cabin


Ideal for small dogs under 35lbs who are social.

Deluxe Bunkhouse

Ideal for small dogs boarding together, or large dogs boarding individually, who are social.

Private Cabin

Ideal for dogs who’d like a little more space to relax in, or who require additoinal behavioral attention.


Ideal for dogs or pairs of dogs who’d like a large place to relax in, or who require additioal behavioral attention.



Customized to meet every dog's preference!

Comfort Kong.

A yummy snack to pass the time!

Pool Time.

Enjoying a refreshing splash at the pool!

Adventure Walks.

An enriching adventure walk on the leash!

Not just boarding. training. day care. grooming. PEACE OF MIND.