In two words: Houston's Best.

Our one-year-old Labrador Retriever is in love with Houston Dog Ranch and its wonderful, skillful trainers, and staff. We have relied on HDR for almost everything dog-related practically since we brought our Lab home--multiple levels of training classes, grooming, and doggie daycare in particular. HDR takes a special interest in our boy, and everyone at the facility seems to know him by sight. We feel we've avoided the first-year Lab-puppy "nightmares" we worried about (chewing, destroying furniture, over-excitability) largely due to the excellent training we received at HDR. The facility, with its running field, bone-shaped doggie swimming pool, and "'hotel' rooms" for dogs, are unmatched in our opinion. (Labs, of course, love to swim, and ours comes home from HDR after his "play" day and sleeps for two days it seems! He's worn out from all the fun!) HDR has truly enhanced our first-time dog-ownership experience. Don't miss this place.
June C. & Beau

What a wonderful place for any dog to be able to spend time. The staff at HDR have always gone above and beyond in caring for my Eskie Kodi. I would recommend the Houston Dog Ranch to anyone who wants their pet to experience the best. In fact I feel so strongly about the Houston Dog Ranch and the staff that I wrote them the note below expressing just how I feel about them and wanted to share it with anyone interested in finding a place for their pet to flourish and grow.

HDR Staff I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank all of you for taking such great care of Kodi during the Christmas holidays. As Kodi and I drove up the driveway to check him in all of the staff was calling out Kodi's name saying hi to him. What a great feeling your staff gave me as a pet owner. I could go away from Houston feeling assured that Kodi was in the best care available. You guys go above and beyond in your care of Kodi! I would leave him with any of you at anytime. Tonia, you and your staff are the greatest!! Kodi has been coming to the 'ranch' for almost three years and has been slowly molded into a 'new and improved' pet over these years. He began his journey at the ranch with Tonia alone in the HDR field just learning how to react with other animals. Having been abused by another animal made this a daunting task for Tonia, so I thought. She worked with Kodi weekly until he was ready for a 'day-board' stay and finally a 'sleepover' at the ranch. Tonia kept Kodi in the office with her during these sessions so that he would come to trust and love the staff while working on his fear of other animals. After months of work with Tonia and Colleen, he was able to start in the small dog daycare program at the ranch. It has now been almost two years since Kodi was able to join the daycare sessions. Kodi has been given a new lease on his doggie life. He has gone from a scared animal to a loving, quite loquacious pet that loves his Friday's with the HDR staff. He even, at age eleven is now able to join in agility classes on Saturdays. I owe all of you guys at the ranch a giant thank you for helping Kodi become the pet he is today. Thank you  for all the love and hard work you have given Kodi over the years. Kodi's vet fondly refers to the ranch as 'Tonia's Playhouse', but I would have to say it has been Kodi's DREAM HOUSE since he has been able to be the puppy he was born to be there.
Kathy G. & Kodiak

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but I now know you can definitely teach an 'older' dog anything.  My dog Beringer and I attended Colleen's Basic Obedience class at Houston Dog Ranch last fall when Ber was 8 years old.  Although I had been training Ber her whole life, we had not previously received any formal dog training and some of the techniques Colleen uses were new to me.  We learned about clicker training and of course Ber took to it right away (it took me a bit longer to get the timing just right).  Beringer already knew many of the basics but Colleen modified some exercises for us and others were well needed refreshers (again mostly for me).  In addition to the new (and improved) skills, the enjoyment of the bonding with each other and our human and canine classmates was wonderful for both Ber and me.  We were very excited when Houston Dog Ranch offered an Intermediate Skills class with Colleen instructing.  We learned about targeting and how we could apply that technique to learning anything.  It opened up a whole new world of possibility and in addition to more obedience type skills like going happily to her bed when humans are dining, Ber also learned to spin clockwise or counterclockwise and crawl along the floor (extremely cute to watch).  Last month Beringer and I attended a class at Houston Dog Ranch to prepare for the AKC Good Citizen test.  Colleen helped us with our skills and I am happy to say that Beringer passed the test with flying colours two months shy of her 9th birthday.  Colleen is a wonderful instructor.  She is fun, patient, obviously loves what she is doing and brings an amazing wealth of skill and knowledge to her classes.  Beringer and I are looking forward to the next class we can take at Houston Dog Ranch.
Cheryn P. & Beringer