dock diving

at houston dog ranch

Rules and Policies for Dock Usage:

• We require proof of current required vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian.  
• All dogs must be leashed or crated except when on the dock.  4 foot leashes are recommended.
• No flexi-leashes, or training collars (pinch, choke, electric, head-collars) are allowed on the property at any time.
• Owners must pick up after their dogs, and dispose of waste in the proper receptacles.
• Owners are only allowed in the pool to assist their dog.  No humans may dive or jump into the pool.  Owners must use the pool ladder to exit and

  enter the pool.
• Children under 14 are not allowed on the dock or in the pool at any time.  Children must have an additional adult supervising them at all times.
• Dogs may only potty in the designated potty area prior to entering the pool area.  Dogs are not allowed to potty in the barn, parking area, pool area,

   or dock.  
• Dogs in heat are not allowed on the property.
• Do not feed your dog for 3 hours before swimming.
• No glass bottles, alcohol or smoking on the premises at any time.
• No food or treats allowed.
• Do not bring your dog to the pool if your dog has had diarrhea or vomiting in the 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Things to Bring with You:

• Water and bowl for your dog (and you)
• Crate
• Your dog’s favorite floating retrieval toy 
• Towels

Weather Policy – For you and your dog’s safety, HDR reserves the right to cancel pool usage due to inclement weather including heat, thunder, lightning and/or rain.


Pre-Evaluation – 30 minutes
Private and Semi-private lessons- Individual or packages available
Group Class Coming Soon:   

Intro to Dock Diving – This is a four (4) week class that meets on Saturday for 1 hr.  Prerequisite: Basic obedience, including sit and stay.

Come join us for the exciting sport of Dock Diving!  This sport involves dogs leaping into a pool to catch, and retrieve a toy thrown by their owner.  The goal is for dogs to jump as far as they can from the end of the dock.  As dogs progress, they can also participate in Extreme Vertical (measuring height) and Speed Retrieve (measuring speed).  Whether you want to compete, or just want to have fun, and bond with your dog, this is the sport for all dogs and owners.